Stress Management

Stress is how the brain and body respond to the world around it. Stress affects everyone—it is the body’s natural way of defending itself against danger. It can be a one-time or short-term incident, or it can last for years. Long-term stress can have serious negative impacts on your physical health, and it is important to manage it.


Why seek counseling for stress management?


Stress management therapy is all about putting each stressor in perspective and keeping yourself from becoming overwhelmed. There are many ways to manage stress—it is all about finding what is best for you and what will work long term. It is important to manage stress before it negatively affects your health and well-being, through things like chronic illness and pain, drug or alcohol abuse, or apathy.


Here at GHCC, we will work through the issues that are contributing to your stress, helping you accept unexpected changes (divorce, loss, medical diagnosis) and explore options to deal with what can be changed (work- or relationship-related stress). “The Lord is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped” (Psalm 28:7), so it is time to let go and let God. Together, we will develop a treatment plan and coping skills for stress management that is tailored specifically to you.