Right now, your relationship is in a good place and you are considering that leap into the ultimate commitment. Our services let show you how to operate in Grace and Faith and to weather those rocky waters when a storm arrives in your relationship.

Marriage is the ultimate covenant before GOD and it is not a decision to make lightly. In premarital counseling, we help you explore strengths and opportunities, guide your feelings of excitement and security and prepare you to stand solidly together as one.

Taking another person’s needs and desires into consideration while honoring your own can be tough at times. Premarital counseling optimizes each person’s ability to have a relationship that meets their needs while still maintaining personal passions and interests. Premarital counseling can also help to identify possible growth areas for the relationship. Previous relationship challenges and unresolved childhood issues can weigh down an otherwise healthy relationship.


While pre-marital counseling acts as a preventative, that is not to say a long marriage does not face its trials. You’re married and facing challenges, now what? Our marriage therapy services use biblical and faith-based ideology to teach you to communicate about challenging issues proactively and effectively and resolve conflict successfully and respectfully.

We help you talk to each other and agree on responsibilities and expectations, and nurture that friendship and relationship you have so that you can envision and accomplish your individual and shared dreams.

We also address intimacy issues, boundaries, and finding a healthy and happy balance between GOD, marriage, family, outside commitments, and your service to yourself as an individual.


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