As it is nature, every family dynamic will have a period of trials that test its strength and durability to stand together. At GHCC we nurture a family’s ability to communicate, eliminate anger and jealousy, and heal from internalized trauma and pain.

Why Christian Counseling?

While the Bible teaches us how to address our issues scripturally, Faith-based counseling seeks to use God’s Word as a foundation for overcoming these thoughts and situations. It combines traditional counseling and faith to teach you healthy communication and coping skills that are also in line with your spiritual values.

How does Christian Family Counseling Work?

Our Christian Family Therapy is a type of psychological counseling (psychotherapy) provided by our certified counselors and licensed professionals that help family members improve communication and resolve conflict.

Your specific treatment plan will depend on your family’s situation and we are flexible to both short- and long-term counseling options to support you through the healing process and deepen your connection as a family.

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If you feel guided to seek counseling to preserve your family’s strength and deepen your positive dynamic. Call our professionals and set up an appointment today. We will discuss and create a custom treatment plan right for you.

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